How to Set Up an Online Order Form

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Order forms are used by businesses to collect buyer requests for products or services. They are submitted by buyers and contain the specific product(s), the number of each product required, a payment plan, and contact information.

With the advancement of technology and the development of order form apps, most order forms have transitioned from traditional paperwork to online platforms. Online order forms contain the same amount of information and act as contractual agreements in the same way printed order forms did in the past. 

For these reasons and to streamline business activities, it's critical to create online order forms for your business. 

Steps to set up an online order form:

  1. Decide on the products/services you'll offer.
  2. Choose a builder tool.
  3. Select and customize templates.
  4. Select payment options.
  5. Review and share the order form.

Let's dive deeper into online order forms and the steps for creating them.

Importance of Online Order Forms

If your business is based on selling products and services, having an online order form will help simplify the ordering process and payment collection or orders. Online order forms can be integrated into traditional sales businesses and e-commerce stores; they also make collecting payments on orders remarkably easier. 

Online order forms eliminate the need for managing humongous piles of paper. Organizing requests that clients make becomes easier as they are collated within a single platform–this also simplifies the process of managing orders in progress.

Is an order form a contract? In fact, they become contracts when the seller agrees to the terms contained in the order form.


You can retrieve and analyze data from your online forms to obtain critical information about the product or service your customers want, their purchasing patterns, and other metrics. These insights can be used to offer better services and deliver the products most desired by your customers.

Building an Order Form Yourself

More often than not, eCommerce store owners first consider hiring a techie or a company to add an online tool to their shopping platform. This is unnecessary if you want to create an online order form because it can be done by any store owner, even if they have minimum knowledge of technology. 

Here's how you can set up an online order form without breaking a sweat:

1. Decide on products or services to offer

Your products or services define your brand and how much success the business can enjoy. As such, it is important to start by deciding what you want to offer on your website. This also involves creating appropriate, detailed information for the items that are being listed.

2. Choose a builder tool

Choosing the right order form builder tool is a crucial step in creating the perfect online form. There are many online order form builders available on the internet, but POWR is the best choice as it’s the easiest to use and offers the most efficient performance on the market.

POWR also integrates the Blogger Order Form widget, which is known to be the most reliable add-on for driving online engagement, getting more leads, and increasing sales.

3. Select and customize templates

On POWR’s online form builder platform, you can either select available templates or build your unique order form using the ‘Start from Scratch’ button. If you choose one of the templates available, you can still customize the order form to suit your product, the information you need from your customers, payment options, and what you can do for them.

With POWR, extra design options are available to adjust the style, font size and display, images, descriptions, background and border, and inputs on templates. You can also input pictures of products to suit your brand. 

Ensure your brand logo and information are adequately represented on the order form.

4. Select payment options

Terms of payment are an essential part of the order form, and you want to choose payment options that work for both you and your buyers. With POWR, you have the option of selecting a host of payment options, including Stripe, Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, among others. 

You can also enable invoices through PayPal on your order form. This is an optional service, and you can decide whether or not to include it in your order form. First, you should check if you should use your personal account or Paypal Business.

5. Review and share your order form

You have now successfully created an order form and can share it with buyers and integrate it into your online store and social media. POWR was optimized to allow you to create online order forms that work efficiently, even on mobile devices.

When creating an online order form, ensure that the information needed for the required product or service is captured. You also need to ensure that filling out your online order form isn't time-consuming for buyers–keep it as easy to navigate and complete as possible.

In Conclusion

For sales-centered businesses, order forms are an essential component of resource planning solutions—and they are easy to include on your website, especially with the help of POWR. Leveraging online order forms allows for easier and more efficient overall business management.

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