How To Put A Birthday Countdown Clock On Facebook

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Adding a birthday countdown clock to your Facebook page is an excellent way of marking a special event, celebration, or competition that you want to publicize!

How to Put a Birthday Countdown Clock on Facebook


1. Type 'countdown clock' in the search field on Facebook.

2. Choose "See more results" and then select Apps.

3. Decide the kind of clock you'd like and click "View App."

4. Next, select "Add to My Page" and enter your settings.



Even if you know how to do a birthday countdown clock, the feature is limited to Facebook. 

A countdown app can maximize promotions across all your digital spaces.

Can I Use A Birthday Countdown Clock Outside Of Social Media?

Yes, you can find out how to do a birthday countdown clock on Instagram Stories in basically the same way (it's a sticker), and if you want to feature a counter on your website, checkout pages, or email campaigns, it's just as easy.

The POWR Countdown Timer is user-friendly, requires zero coding, and, best of all, it's FREE!

Let's take a quick look at some of the reported outcomes:

  • Four hundred percent growth in sales revenue by publicizing new products, offers, or launches.
  • Fifty percent reduction in sales timeframes by using a sense of urgency to speed up the browsing and purchase process.
  • Reductions of twenty percent in bounce rates when an engaging, moving countdown timer keeps visitors interested in staying on your site.


Countdowns work on any website (including WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, and all the other big names), and it takes about five minutes to select your preferred template and add it to your website.

How Do Countdown Apps For Business Work?

If you're new to widgets and plugins, rest assured it's simpler than it sounds.

All you need to do to embed a professional on-brand countdown timer is:

  • Choose your template: Peruse a range of fonts, formats, sizes, colors, and bespoke options to match your web design.
  • Pick an animation: A smart animation can make a huge difference in engagement if you’re after maximum impact.
  • Enter your timer details: Countdown the days to an event, count the number of units sold, or break time down into minutes and seconds.

Another great option is to add a message, which appears during the countdown (coming soon, limited offer, etc.), or when the event ends.

Messages work because you provide informative details that your customer is looking for, prompting them to stick around for a discount code or offer.

Why Should I Use A Birthday Countdown Clock On My Site?

Most companies in the e-commerce space will use countdown apps for a range of applications.

Examples include:

  • Building anticipation for an upcoming event or sale.
  • Creating urgency if a promotion is about to end.
  • Tracking live trends to highlight popular products.
  • Advising customers of cut-off times to order for next-day delivery.
  • Showing how many units of an item remain available.

The result is reduced basket abandonment because consumers want to jump on a trend, get their order in before something sells out, or take advantage of price reductions while they last.

Why Do Countdown Timers Improve Sales?

Behind the slick look or the funny animation, much science tells us why countdown timers are an influential sales tool, enhancing conversions and click rates and extending time spent on your site.

A timer is a visual cue that communicates urgency.

The customer needs to act if they want a product and a moving, live timer is more compelling than any flat, static text.

For example, if your visitor is thinking about buying something and sees that eight hundred others have done the same, they're more likely to check out with the assurance that they're purchasing a popular product.

Likewise, if you have three units left and a live countdown, you'll likely sell those remaining items faster to customers who want to get their orders in before anybody else.

A ticking clock is just one of the many formats a countdown app offers, though, and you can use them to count upwards or record the number of actions or events.


Where Should I Put A Countdown App On My Website?

Positioning is vital, and a prominent place to embed your countdown timer is where your customer will likely be deliberating about a purchase.

You'll often find timers on:

As a social media sales driver, a countdown timer hugely influences both Facebook and your website.

You can use this function to indicate when delivery windows close and work wonders on encouraging your tentative customer to convert to a satisfied buyer.

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