How To Collect UGC? Complete Step-by-Step Guide

Published: | By Atif Shehzad

Did you know that as of 2024, there are about 5.3 billion people using the internet worldwide?

It's massive, right? And with so many users out there, they're generating a ton of content every single day.

This stuff, called User-Generated Content (UGC), is like a goldmine for businesses.

It can give them really useful insights, boost their credibility, and help them connect better with their audience.

So, in this article, we're gonna dive into the best ways to gather UGC.

Stick around, and let's explore how to make the most out of this powerful resource to take your business to new heights!

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What is UGC (User Generated Content)?



You know those cool reviews, awesome photos, and interesting videos people share online?

That's what we call User Generated Content (UGC).

It's the heartbeat of the internet, making things lively and fun.

UGC is different from regular ads because it's real and easy to relate to.

It's all about people sharing their thoughts, experiences, and creativity online.

And when you see all this stuff together, it shows how diverse and creative people can be.

In a world full of information, UGC stands out because it's genuine and grabs your attention, sparking real conversations and connections.

Benefits of Collecting UGC



Ever heard about that TikTok user, Trinidad Sandoval?

She posted a video in 2021 showing how well this eye cream from Peter Thomas Roth works.

Crazy thing is, the video went viral on TikTok and Twitter, and suddenly everyone wanted that eye cream! It sold out super fast because of Trinidad's video.

Till now the video has 47.3 million views on Tiktok.

The store said they sold more in less than a week than they usually do in six months!

It just goes to show how powerful user-generated content can be.

This whole thing proves that regular people sharing their experiences can really influence what people buy, way more than anyone expected.

User-Generated Content (UGC) offers a plethora of benefits for businesses, including:

  • Authenticity: UGC provides authentic testimonials and reviews from real users, enhancing trust and credibility in your brand.
  • Engagement: UGC sparks conversations and interactions with your audience, fostering a sense of community and loyalty.
  • Cost-effectiveness: UGC serves as free advertising, reducing marketing expenses while still reaching a wide audience.
  • Insightful Feedback: UGC offers valuable insights into customer preferences, behaviors, and trends, aiding in product development and marketing strategies.
  • Virality Potential: UGC has the power to go viral, exponentially increasing brand visibility and reach across various social media platforms.

How To Collect UGC (User Generated Content)?



Let's dive a little bit deeper to know how you can collect UGC to make improvements in your business.

1. Contests and giveaways:

Contests and giveaways don't only help you grow your online business effectively, in fact it’s a great way to get people excited about sharing content.

Basically, people create and share stuff like photos, videos, or stories, and in return, they get a chance to win cool prizes.

For instance, a fashion brand might ask customers to share photos of themselves wearing their clothes in interesting ways.

It's a win-win – people have fun being creative, and the brand gets lots of awesome content that shows off their products.

2. Hashtag campaigns:

Hashtag campaigns are like magnets for gathering user-generated content on social media.

When a business comes up with its own hashtag and asks people to use it when they post, it's building a collection of all the cool stuff people are sharing about that brand or campaign.

By executing on a hashtag campaign makes the brand more visible but also lets users be part of the bigger story.

For example, a food delivery service might ask customers to share meal photos with a specific hashtag, creating a gallery of everyone's dining adventures.

3. Customer reviews and testimonials:

Customer reviews and testimonials are gold for any business.

When happy customers share their positive experiences, it's a recommendation that can sway others to buy.

By asking customers to leave feedback on sites like Yelp, Google Reviews, or even directly on their website, businesses can gather valuable content.

These testimonials help build trust and credibility because they show real people endorsing the product or service based on their own experiences.

You just have to know how to get customers to leave reviews for your product/service?

4. Social media challenges:

Social media challenges usually catch on quickly and spread like wildfire, getting lots of people involved and putting the brand in the spotlight.

For instance, a beauty company might start a challenge where people show off their makeup talents or share videos of their makeovers using the brand's products.

When people join in, they're not only creating content but also becoming fans who help spread the word about the brand even more.

5. User surveys and polls:

Have you ever noticed those surveys or polls popping up from your favorite brands?

They're not just there for kicks – they're actually pretty smart ways for companies to get feedback from customers and create interesting content at the same time.

Basically, by asking questions about stuff like your experiences with their products or what you like best, they're giving you a chance to share your thoughts.

And guess what? Your answers might end up being part of something cool they put out there, like stories or articles.

Plus, when they let you vote on things, it makes you feel like you're part of their team, you know? It's like they're saying, "Hey, your opinion matters to us!

6. Interactive content creation tools:

Imagine you're given the keys to a toolbox filled with creative possibilities.

That's exactly what interactive content creation tools do. They're virtual workshops where users can roll up their sleeves and craft their own content.

Take a design software company, for example. They might offer ready-made templates for users to customize graphics or animations that reflect their brand.

It's like handing over the paintbrush and letting users add their own unique flair.

By giving people the power to unleash their creativity and personalize content, businesses spark a wave of user-generated content while also strengthening the bond between customers and their brand.

Besides harnessing user creativity, another engaging approach involves empowering your followers to extend their photos using AI.

This can not only generate fresh UGC but also offer users a fun, innovative way to interact with their own content, bringing a unique perspective to common visual narratives.

7. Community building and user forums:

Ever joined an online group where everyone talks about something they love?

Well, that's what community building and user forums are all about. They're places on the internet where people who like the same stuff can hang out, chat, and share ideas.

Whether it's a forum, a Facebook group, or a Reddit community, they're like virtual hangout spots where folks can connect, swap stories, and work together on cool stuff.

By launching a successful online community, businesses help folks feel comfy sharing their own ideas and creations.

5 Best Tools To Collect UGC



Here are five effective tools for collecting User Generated Content (UGC):

Taggbox: First up, we've got Taggbox.

It's your one-stop-shop for gathering, organizing, and showcasing user-generated content from all over social media.

With Taggbox, you can create super cool displays, put UGC feeds right on your website, and even make sure everything stays on-brand and relevant.

Yotpo: Then there's Yotpo.

This platform is all about collecting and using customer reviews, photos, and videos to boost your brand's credibility and sales.

They've got neat features like review request emails and fancy widgets to make the whole process a breeze.

TINT: Next, we've got TINT.

This tool helps you gather content from everywhere – social media, websites, you name it – and display it across all your digital platforms.

Plus, they've got handy tools for moderating and analyzing everything to make sure it's all in line with your brand.

Pixlee: Now, let's talk about Pixlee.

It's like your personal UGC marketing assistant, finding the best user-generated content for you and helping you showcase it across all marketing channels.

And with their analytics, you can see just how much of an impact it's making on your brand. Last but not least, there's

While it's mainly one of the ai email marketing tools, it also helps you personalize content based on what your subscribers are interested in.

And, that includes user-generated content too! It's a great way to keep your audience engaged and connected.


Alright, we've covered a lot of ground here.

From understanding what User Generated Content (UGC) is all about to exploring some fantastic ways to gather it and even checking out some top-notch tools to help you along the way.

Now, it's time to wrap things up.

UGC isn't just a buzzword – it's a game-changer for businesses big and small.

Whether it's through contests, hashtags, customer reviews, or social media challenges, getting people involved and excited about sharing their experiences can truly boost your brand's visibility and credibility.

And with awesome tools like Taggbox, Yotpo, TINT, Pixlee, and at your disposal, collecting and leveraging UGC has never been easier.

So, go ahead, dive into the world of UGC, experiment with different strategies, and watch as your brand flourishes with the power of authentic user-generated content.

Remember, the internet is a treasure trove of creativity and connection – all you have to do is harness it!

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