How to Add Social Media Icons to Adobe Portfolio

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Adobe Portfolio is a great option if you'd like to create an online showcase of your creative projects. You can use a handy social media icons widget to signpost visitors to your social feeds to explore further.

Provided you have a paid-up Adobe Portfolio account, learning how to add social media icons in HTML isn't necessary; just head to Navigation, turn Social Profiles on, and copy and paste your URL.

However, if you'd prefer to customize your social media icons, adjust colors and styling to match your brand, or tailor the size and layout of your icons, a plugin is much more versatile.

Where Can I Insert Social Media Icons in Adobe Portfolio?

There are a few options depending on whether you'd like subtle social media icons in your footer or somewhere prominent within your portfolio.

Unsure how to add social media icons in an HTML footer space or in the body of your portfolio?

You can access the social icons module in Adobe Portfolio and insert icons on a page, in a navigation bar, or in your footer, with standard options of:

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Dribbble
  • Tumblr

You'll likely have other creative feeds, project pages, or network platforms where you publish work, artboards, or creative inspiration, but Adobe tends only to support those larger channels.

Any other pages need to be linked to your portfolio site with HTML coding to insert a high-resolution icon graphic with directional instructions to connect with your page or profile.

How Does a Social Media Icon App Work?

Plugins and social media apps make displaying icons on your portfolio pages easier without needing to code. There are numerous benefits, and as a creative professional or designer, you'll be well aware of the advantages of cross-linking.

  • Grow followers by directing portfolio visitors to view your other work or engage with your social media feeds.
  • Improve social proof by providing access to a broad range of platforms and galleries, demonstrating your credibility.
  • Enhance engagement through social media feeds that are easy to find and follow, where visitors can ask questions and track your progress.

The POWR social media app is an all-in-one solution and integrates with any website. You aren't limited to the usual social media platforms listed above and can connect your portfolio or website with a vast array of creative channels.

Supported integrations include BigCommerce, Big Cartel, ShareThis, and Trello, among many others.

You simply decide which social media accounts you'd like to insert an icon for, choose whether to animate the graphics to capture attention, and customize your buttons so they are consistent with your aesthetic and style.

Our social media icons are fully mobile optimized, so they work on any device, and you can update your links or reformat your layout whenever you wish.

Why Add Social Media Icons to Adobe Portfolio?

Adobe Portfolio is one of the most popular website builders for professional galleries. It is used by architects, designers, artists, and creators to publicize their work.

Social links are as important and relevant in a professional portfolio as in any other website, whether you're building a standalone portfolio or want to create separate galleries for each major project.

The core benefit of linking your social media feeds is that potential clients, employers, or collaborators can quickly see what you can do, review your creative process, or assess past projects.

One portfolio can't usually cover the breadth of a body of work. In contrast, you can pick and choose the projects you are most proud of, pin them to your social media feeds, or create immersive reels and videos to provide a better overview.

Social media badges or icons help direct viewers to featured works and curate the content available on each platform to generate interest and engagement.

Improving Adobe Portfolio Engagement

Adobe Portfolio has a Lightroom integration, which lends itself well to professional image editing, implementing a consistent brand style, or improving the quality of visual content.

Graphic-based social media sites such as Instagram work hand in hand with your portfolio website to create an on-brand digital gallery, but engagement is essential.

Animated, interactive social media icons help to boost engagement by inviting visitors to follow your feeds, learn more about you through your personal platforms, and explore the new content you publish–growing your brand one follower at a time. 

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