How Does Live Chat Work on a Website?

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Having a chat widget on Webflow, WordPress, or any website platform is a great way to engage with visitors and boost UX, and it's as easy as responding to Facebook messages!

How do I get live chat on my website and ensure I pick up on every inquiry? 

The POWR plug-in is seamless and stress-free, incorporating real-time online messaging with a fully customized interface, 24/7 customer support, and, as always, zero coding required.

It embeds a tailored live chat feature into your website while allowing you to collate and respond to customer messages from any device and any location through your regular Facebook account.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Live Chat Option Online?

Today’s customers have sky-high expectations, so neglecting your customer support mechanisms, taking days to respond to queries, or expecting visitors to sit in a call queue isn’t going to cut it.

Online live chat features are faster, more convenient, and more efficient than any other communication method. Not only is it a proven customer support tool, but it also signals that you have a fully-optimized website.

You can even program your Facebook Messenger account to automate responses when you are unavailable. Here are some of the most important advantages:

  • Improved UX: Customers get immediate answers to their questions. Live chat allows you to solve a problem there and then, representing fantastic service quality.
  • Onboarding: Converting leads into buyers is a primary business goal. Live chat improves conversions by 2.8 times, showcasing the value you put into serving your customers.
  • Streamlined communications: If you respond to messages directly, you can review your customer order history and other information and provide direct, speedy answers without asking them to repeat their details multiple times.
  • Around-the-clock support: Customers don’t tend to shop or browse websites only during working hours. The key benefit of a Facebook live chat plug-in is that you can opt to receive messages remotely and send a quick reply instantly–even to advise when you will be able to provide a more detailed response.

Our live chat plug-in adopts your existing Facebook for Business profile, so you don't need to spend time setting up a new account.

Instead, you integrate all your messaging systems in one place, so it takes you less time and effort to stay on top of your customer communications.

Picking the Right UX Features for Your Website

Many businesses rely on FAQs sections or contact forms, which can supplement your live chat and provide another avenue for your customers to discover answers to their most important questions.

However, live chat reinforces the standard of service and saves customers from shopping elsewhere if they cannot find the information they need straight away.

The objective is to cater to every need and ensure a contact method is available that suits every visitor's expectations and requirements, whether they're happier chatting on the phone or want to send a quick query via live chat.

How Do I Install the POWR Live Chat Widget on My Website?

POWR Chat is cloud-based, and you can connect with any pre-existing business or personal Facebook account, set up an automatic welcome message, and adjust your contact button and footer to suit your brand.

It works like this:

  1. Pick your POWR package, with a free option if you're after basic functionality and don't need any additional plug-ins or optimization features for your site.
  2. Add your Facebook account details and customize your welcome message. You can adjust the cover image, chat icon, and background if you're a Powr Starter, Pro, or Business Package subscriber.
  3. Copy and paste the provided code to your website page, and you’re good to go!


Editing Your POWR Live Chat Plug-In

If you change your branding, want to tweak your welcome message, or edit the formatting within your live chat widget, you simply select ‘edit’ and make any adjustments you’d like to.

The smart feature is that you can see those edits on your website in real time, so you can preview effects, colors, and positioning as you go without refreshing your screen.

With millions of customers now expecting on-demand responses or selecting the brands they buy from based on service, a live chat plug-in can transform your engagement metrics.

It will also provide customers with greater confidence, and prevent you from coming in on a Monday morning to a backlog of inquiries.

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