How Branded Fruit Manages Contacts 50% Faster and Saves 75% Admin Time

Published: | By Zarah Zhao

Branded Fruit started as a joke.

Danielle Baskin, owner of Branded Fruit, custom bicycle helmet maker, and designer, tinkered around in her basement with machines to bring printed avocados to a party celebrating the purchase of her friend’s company. At the party people were delighted by her idea.

They loved it. They shared it on Instagram and Twitter. It went viral.

Soon Lyft ordered branded avocados instead of swag store items. AT&T sent branded pineapples to their VIP guests. SoundCloud wanted printed radishes and Twitter gave out peaches with their iconic bird on them.

She was featured in Fast Company.

And the joke, it turned out was on her, taking her fun idea to a business she hadn’t originally planned.

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Managing Viral Growth

Danielle uses a simple site with a quote request form and contact form to manage this business.

Preferring to keep the business small scale, and giving her customers a highly personalized experience, she managed orders manually as they were delivered to her email once a form was filled out.

The day after the article about her was published on Fast Company, she received over 100 new orders and was caught in a very good problem for business owners to have - scalability.

Finding a Solution

Before using POWR's Form Builder to organize customer requests and for customer loyalty, she used an open email address, and tried Shopify’s own system, JotForm, WuFoo, and Zopeem to make ‘Contact Us’ and ‘Request Quote’ forms.

These forms were either missing the ability for her to customize interactions or did not meet the automation requirements needed.

She finally landed on POWR forms, using its native integration to Zapier to connect her for responses to Airtable and Slack. This allowed her to tie together her separate tools with and greatly reduced the number of manual and repetitive data entry tasks.

Connecting her tools and automating part of her business saved her 75% of the time she previously spent on administrative tasks, while still being able to create customized experiences and post-purchase experiences for her customers.

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author photo “Branded Fruit has cut 50% of the time spent responding to inquiries by using POWR Form Builder. We also now save over 10 hours of organizational time per week by using Zapier to automatically sync form responses with Airtable and Slack.” - Danielle, Owner of Branded Fruit.


Wrap Up

Using POWR forms and connecting them to her separate tools, Danielle was able to save time spent on manual and repetitive data entry tasks and create customized experience for her customers.

Want to create your own forms and automating responses? Head on over to Form Builder to start right away!

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