ECommerce Essentials: Proven Tactics to Drive Sales and Growth

Published: | By Hailey Savona

The rising competition in the eCommerce industry has forced businesses to rethink their strategy. They are not able to crack sales by using conventional practices, as most of them are now becoming outdated. 

This is bringing a direct impact on their sales, as well as the overall growth of the company. 

Looking at this trend, it is now essential to utilize new practices that can attract customers rapidly. The outdated practices are simply failing to convert customers because their viability is becoming weak with time.

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There are so many strategies available for store owners, however only some of them will now work due to the rising competition in different markets.

In stark conditions like these, store owners need to drive sales by utilizing innovative methods.

They can no longer rely on marketing through billboards to attract traffic. Instead, they need to look towards growth strategies that can work as per the buying persona of every customer.

Luckily, this blog will help them to know about everything that can drive sales for their eCommerce stores. It will offer a brief overview of the proven tactics that are used by big giants like Amazon, Etsy, and others to drive organic eCommerce growth.

Let’s start from the basics understanding why storeowners should keep updating their strategies to extract continuous leads from the market.

Why Should eCommerce Businesses Focus on Latest Strategies?


It is well understood to everyone that companies cannot grow by working on limited strategies for years. 

They need to innovate rapidly to drive the growth of their business. This fact is especially important for eCommerce businesses, as they are regularly witnessing rising competition in the market.

Every day, new startups are coming into the market, offering innovative deals and discounts to attract customers. This has made the eCommerce market highly saturated, hence relying on old-school methods and using simple website redesign ideas does not look like a viable option.

Today, eCommerce store owners can market their businesses by using different methods. However, among various practices, only those work that are aligned with the modern market standards.

Digital marketing can be considered in this regard as the best way to market online products. It provides you with a way to target the masses through online channels effectively.

Majority of the eCommerce businesses are using digital marketing as a tool to promote their brands over the Internet. It is indeed a great example of how the latest methods can be used to engage traffic from the web.

Best Practices for eCommerce Stores to Drive Sales and Growth

Due to the rising market competition, getting traffic from the web is becoming difficult for online stores.  The only way they can overcome this obstacle is by utilizing those tactics that are smart and innovative. 

Below, we will discuss some of them, so that you can understand which methods should be used to get regular traffic and sales from the internet.    

  • Solidify Email Marketing


Email marketing should be your go-to tool to market and promote your eCommerce store. Some people think that emails are no longer as effective as they were earlier before.

Well, that is not entirely true because emails still provide you with a smart way to reach customers directly. It allows you to market products or services directly without requiring the assistance of any third party.

This is what makes email marketing affordable for all types of businesses, as they don’t have to pay or buy any service to take leverage from it.

The startups coming into the eCommerce circuit can especially take advantage of email marketing to drive sales regularly. As per a report, the total number of email users in 2022 was 4.2 billion.

This number is expected to hit 4.7 billion by 2026 which is certainly very big.

That tells us a lot about how many people are still using emails to stay updated with all the latest news. This brings an opportunity for eCommerce stores to use email marketing smartly and grow their business steadily over time. 

  • Market Top Selling Items


Promoting what works best in your store can also prove to be a positive catalyst for your eCommerce business. This is a strategy that is used by almost every store.

They fully understand what the customers want, and how it should be marketed to them to drive business growth.

This method can also help to promote new products alongside the ones that are already in demand. That is how you can promote the whole stock and increase sales of the store steadily step by step.

While employing this strategy, keep in mind to use those products that align with the buying demands of customers as per the latest market trends.

Sometimes, the buying trends change over time, hence scenarios like that require quick adjustment from the store stakeholders. It is, therefore, best recommended to keep a close eye on the market and advertise products according to that. 

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  • Utilize Social Media Marketing


eCommerce stores can only thrive in the modern competitive market by building a strong online presence. The best way to do that is by using the power of social media.

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and others have become top destinations for eCommerce businesses to market their products. They are actively taking advantage of these platforms to build their online presence and get more traffic from the web.

There are many advantages of using social media as a tool to market online stores. By creating a strong SMM strategy, you can build a proper business presence across various social media platforms.

This creates a lasting impression on the customers, enabling them to trust the authenticity of the brand. By following and establishing this method properly, you can turn social media into a proper stream of attracting online traffic.

  • Offer Free Shipping


The basis of growing any online store depends on the fact how well you are facilitating customers. Apart from providing quality products, the shipping rates at which you are delivering the goods are also counted here.

If you want to stand out from the market that is already offering products with the least shipping charges, go with the free delivery model. It is a strategy that often works for startups that are looking to establish a quick presence in the market.

They know that most people don’t want to pay extra money for shipping, hence taking this opportunity looks like a more viable option to them.

According to a recent survey, most of the customers expect free shipping on all their online orders. As a new online store stepping into the industry, you can take pretty good advantage of this market fact.

It works perfectly for you to attract customers who are not looking to pay anything extra apart from their basic product purchases. This can give a good initial boost to your business, allowing it to come into the industry spotlight quickly. 

Final Words

That takes us to the end of this blog in which we have discussed how to grow the sales of your eCommerce business effectively. It is one of those objectives that always remains on top of the priority of every business.

This blog has listed some good tips to drive sales and growth of any eCommerce platform. By using them correctly, online stores can not only scale up product sales but also build a strong online presence beating out all the competition in the market.


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