POWR Content Usage Guidelines

Published: | By Mick Essex

We are happy to share our content with others! We have many articles and other types of content contributed from our POWR Rangers, and just as many from professional writers worldwide.

POWR Content Usage Guidelines -

The Do's

  • Share links to our content: You can share links to our blog posts, infographics, and other content on social media, in emails, or in your own articles.
  • Republish our images and videos: You can republish any of our images or videos in your own content, as long as you follow the content attribution policy outlined below.
  • Reference our text content: You can reference or quote up to 75 words of our text content in your own blog posts, presentations, documents, etc., as long as you follow the content attribution policy outlined below.

The Don'ts

  • Republishing full text content on the web: We cannot allow you to republish full text content from our blog posts or other web pages on your own website or blog. This is because duplicate content can harm our SEO rankings.
  • Fulfilling requests for original files: We cannot fulfill requests for original files, such as PDFs, PPTs, DOCs, or original video files.
  • Monetizing our content: You are prohibited from monetizing our content in any way. This includes selling our content, placing ads on our content, or using our content to generate leads.
  • Claiming our content as your own: You cannot claim any of our content as your own original ideas. If you want to share our content, please share the original link instead.

Backlinks Policy

POWR follows all recommendations contained in the Google Search Essentials guidelines.

Link exchanges

We participate in rel="dofollow" link exchanges at no cost; however, we do not do A-B exchanges. Any exchanged link must meet backlink requirements outlined below.

  • Backlink requirements
    • Minimum DR50
    • Current organic traffic 1,000+
    • Anchor text between 2-4 words

Link insertions

  • Paid link insertions are available at $20 USD per link, or 7 links for $100, and must be paid in advance.
  • Each link must meet the above backlink requirements.
  • Rights are reserved to reject any link we deem unsuitable, untrustworthy or that do not meet backlink requirements.
  • All paid links are permanent and marked as rel="sponsored" with no exceptions.

Please submit your request (link to, link from, and anchor text) to info@powr.io and we will reply with further guidance.

Content Attribution Policy

  • Always attribute POWR as the source.
  • Ensure you link to the original POWR source you're referencing.
    • For example, if you reference a POWR blog article, link to the URL of that specific blog article, not a generic blog homepage link.

You can also find tons of other free resources in our Help Center.

Thanks for the content love! 🙏💙

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