Can the Spin Wheel App Be Rigged?

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Spin Wheel applications have seen an exponential level of growth and usage across the e-commerce space. Their main utility comes from gamification, allowing users to spin the wheel for the chance of winning a discount and further driving e-commerce shop engagement. 

A spinning wheel app drives visitor engagement, enhances the likelihood of users completing a purchase, and reduces cart abandonment rates. There are even free Spin Wheels for websites available through useful platforms like POWR.

Still, many visitors who have not won the discount code might wonder if the Spin Wheel app is rigged–let's find out!

How a Spin Wheel App Operates

Spin Wheel applications are simple. There are multiple options laid out around the entire wheel, and each visitor is given the opportunity to click a button to spin the wheel, see what it lands on, and receive one of the options listed–whether that be a discount, a buy-one-get-one offer, or other shopping incentives.

This level of interactivity enhances overall user engagement and makes website visits a lot more entertaining for customers shopping online. Spin Wheel apps for websites can be free or paid, depending on the use case and level of customizability the site developer requires. 

Use-Cases for Spin Wheel Apps

A Spin Wheel application can be used for just about anything. From choosing a winner in a giveaway to deciding what to have for lunch, anyone can customize a spinning wheel and find a use for a Spin Wheel application.

In real-world use, Spin Wheels are typically used to give users discounts or gifts. Suppose a store is celebrating its birthday or anniversary–it might hand out gift vouchers with a link to a spinning wheel and choose to have its users spin the wheel to see which reward they get from a variety of potential options.

How Spin Wheel Apps Are Coded

For a Spin Wheel application to function, it needs to be properly coded. This is a process through which a programmer essentially creates lines of code, typically involving a random number generator (RNG).

There are legitimate Spin Wheel apps out there, and there are apps that can be programmed to be rigged. Sometimes, an e-commerce shop owner may choose to use a platform or developer that can create a riggable spin wheel so that customers are sure to receive a certain offer or discount, even if the user thinks they have a chance at winning different prizes.

POWR’s Spin Wheel App and Its Functionality

A stand-out Spin Wheel application that can be installed for free is POWR's top-rated customizable Spin Wheel application. The reason this app is superior is due to its introduction of the Gravity function.

Gravity refers to the likelihood that the wheel will land on one of the available options. The probability that the wheel will land on a specific winning or losing option is specified by a percentage shown directly next to every Gravity input when formatting options in the app.

For an equal likelihood, the Gravity of each option can be kept to the default value of '1.' This means that each option has an equal chance of popping up when a user spins the wheel.

However, business owners can form the wheel so that landing on a specific output is guaranteed by setting a specific option of Gravity to '1' while all of the other options are set to '0.' This way, the visitor will always land on the option marked as '1.' 

POWR’s plugin is transparent, and every business owner that decides to implement it has full control over how it operates. This means the plugin will work exactly as you intend, with customers receiving only the offers and discount that you choose to let them win.

Moving Forward With a Spin Wheel Application

E-commerce websites can implement spinning wheel gamification options while ensuring visitors win a reward every time. Any business can drive engagement by always rewarding its visitors with a specific discount yet allowing the possibility of winning higher amounts. This way, each visitor will be satisfied with the gift they win, spend more time on your website, and have a higher likelihood of purchasing your products.

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