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Think of your business website as a book. It might be telling the most exciting and interesting story, but if it’s not visually attractive, it won’t catch the attention of the targeted users.

If you’re not grabbing visitors' attention to your website, it’ll be very hard for you to make meaningful conversions.

Adding visual content, including videos, still images, and Graphics Interchange Formats (GIFs), is an easy and effective way to make your site more interesting.



With a well-designed full-screen video slider, you can easily add a carousel of videos and GIFs to your website to attract more visitors. All you need to do in order to add this feature is a video slider website plugin from a trusted source.

Fortunately, there are numerous trusted and reliable sources of website video slider plugins that are effective and user-friendly.

For instance, you can use the plugin offered by POWR that is easy to use, customizable, and free. This plugin comes with a wide variety of editing options to allow you to design your video and GIF slider in a way that interests every visitor on your site.

WordPress also has a free video slider plugin that you can use to design video slides for your WordPress website for free. However, it may not be compatible with all web-building platforms.

Some of the WordPress plugins are only available in specific subscription plans that require you to upgrade your free WordPress to a paid plan to get access to what you need.

Importance of Adding Videos and GIFs

Well-designed visual content, including videos and GIFs, can significantly impact your website. For instance, they help your website tell the right story about your products or services.

Remember that making sales is about telling potential customers all about what you have to offer, and visual content is a perfect way to share those stories.

Unlike still images and text, videos and GIFs will keep visitors longer on your website as they enjoy the engaging content. This will reduce your site’s bounce rate and increase your chances of converting visitors to potential customers.

Videos and GIFs will help you earn more trust from your web users and customers because they are more believable and easy to absorb.

Additionally, this visual content will keep visitors to your site interested in coming back, improving your conversion rate and ranking authority.

Videos and GIFs are easier to understand because they explain everything in a more detailed and interactive way than still images; they’re also very convenient to use as a marketing tool.

Remember that people, especially those responsible for making important decisions for their companies, have limited time to read long texts or figure out the meaning of complicated still images.

They prefer watching videos because they’re self-explanatory and they can get the meaning of the video while doing other tasks.

Videos vs. GIFs

Both types of visual content effectively attract more visitors to your site and keep them engaged for longer periods. There may be times when you are only interested in which option is the most effective at website conversions.  

Adding Videos to a Website

Research has shown that a one-minute video clip can be worth 1.8 million words. It has also been established that customers are more likely to purchase a product or service after watching a video explaining its benefits.

With this kind of value, you can’t afford to not have videos on your website, especially for marketing purposes.

It’s not a secret that websites that post interesting videos consistently enjoy higher rates of engagement than those that don’t have videos.

The average time a visitor to an image-based website is likely to spend there is forty-three seconds, while those who visit video-based sites can take up to five minutes on the site.

Neuroscience studies have revealed that when you watch a video by an interesting presenter, your brain’s fusiform face area is triggered and increases your attention span.

People visiting your website will pay more attention to your content if it’s in video format than if it’s pure text or still images.

Adding GIFs to Your Site

Sign Up Jimmy Fallon GIF by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Contrary to what many people assume, GIFs have existed for decades, but their worldwide acceptance started around 2000 when social media took over the internet.

These images have become an important post-click landing page conversion trend because they’re a cost-effective way to display products and services.

However, GIFs compress the quality of images and only support about 256 colors–this can limit you when designing GIFs for various products. Unlike videos, GIFs don’t provide sound; they play on loops, so they can’t be stopped or paused. 

Overall, videos are a better option to attract more visitor attention.

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