6 LinkedIn Content Marketing Tips for B2B Lead Generation

Published: | By Abhishek Talreja

LinkedIn is the go-to channel for B2B content marketing and lead generation. As a business owner or a marketer, you can post LinkedIn content and build a solid personal brand. 

But, you must do it strategically to get the desired outcome from your LinkedIn content marketing efforts.

A robust brand guarantees you loyal followers and helps generate qualified business leads.  

In this article, let’s learn about the nuts and bolts of publishing helpful LinkedIn content that gets you new business. 

6 LinkedIn Tips for Better Lead Generation Content Marketing 

1. Share something useful

When communicating with your target audience, the ideal way is to grab their attention by creating as much value as possible. 

  • If you have a list of free tools, share them in a LinkedIn post. For instance, you can share a list of fabulous blogs, podcasts, or books prospects find helpful. 
  • Another way is to find a key audience pain point and create a helpful snippet that speaks specifically to that pain and how to solve it.
  • A smart way is to list narrow topic ideas to fill your LinkedIn content calendar. 

Remember that you should post something interesting that carries a lot of value. 

2. Keep yourself inspired

Taking a problem-solving approach to LinkedIn content marketing is a necessity. When publishing content on LinkedIn, make sure it’s fresh and unique. How do you do that?

  • Stay abreast of the latest trends in your industry. Browse through news and statistics to learn the current happenings so you can share your views on them.
  • Follow popular industry podcasts and authority blogs to keep yourself brimming with new content ideas. 
  • Keep track of niche social media conversations by following industry thought leaders and popular hashtags. 
  • You can also hang out on platforms like Medium, Quora, and Twitter to observe new breakout trends and topics.

The best way is to research all the time and keep taking notes of exciting new ideas. Put all the topics and references in an online note-taking tool like Evernote. This way, you will always have many topics on which to write. 

3. Be uniquely you

If you've been active on LinkedIn for a while, then you’ve probably already realized that LinkedIn algorithms reward you when you create more content. 

Also, when you’re disciplined about sharing valuable information about a specific topic, people start seeing you as an expert in your field. It’s when they want to engage with your content and share it with their network. 

More content engagement gives positive signals to the algorithms, which snowball into higher content visibility. 

Another part of being consistent on LinkedIn is commenting on trending or otherwise applicable niche-relevant posts.

Steve Rose, Vice President at MoneyTransfers, believes that “participating in conversations is a great way to attract meaningful LinkedIn connections.” 

And I’m sure you already know that connections are the life and soul of successful LinkedIn content marketing. 

So go out there and be an extrovert on LinkedIn because it’s your opportunity to get visibility on the world’s most extensive social network. 

4. Display who you are

Your LinkedIn profile is your online CV. It’s a gateway for people to know who you are as a professional and how you can help them.

  • Work on optimizing your LinkedIn profile by showcasing your experience, current job profile, and skills. 
  • Use the profile headline to tell your audience how you can help them.
  • To craft the perfect impression, utilize a profile picture maker for a polished and professional image.
  • Switch on the creator mode. LinkedIn creator mode shows your follower count to your profile visitors. 

Plus, you can display the topics for which you are writing. In short, the creator mode helps you show yourself as an industry expert and attract business leads.

How you write your LinkedIn profile is vital in connecting with the people who matter to your business. 

5. Experiment with different content types and formats 

Let’s not forget that good content marketing is about infusing variety into your content. The same holds when you’re publishing on a platform like LinkedIn. 

Kenny Kline, President & Financial Lead of BarBend, shares, “You can post polls to get people to interact with your content. You can click on the poll option while writing a post and create a custom poll that will fetch you higher reach and engagement.

Share something from your experience or anecdotes on how you started your business. A story is a powerful medium that gets the audience to read a content piece. 

Always start your LinkedIn post with a hook line. The idea is to use copywriting techniques to create LinkedIn post updates. The strategy helps get much better traction and engagement. 

  • Another exciting way is to use quotes and statistics to add more weight to your content.
  • You can even try memes and GIFs to add a dash of humor to your LinkedIn content. That works well too. 

Joe Troyer, CEO & Growth Advisor of ReviewGrower, elaborates, “A LinkedIn post is your 100-200 word canvas to delight your readers.” 

It would help if you went deep into a topic and summarized them into your unique pearls of wisdom. 

6. Create an outreach strategy

When you create content on LinkedIn, you’ll realize that people are noticing you. Some will engage with your content. While others will either follow you or send you a connection request. 

You may also get inbound leads when you reach a decent publishing frequency. But you must complement your inbound efforts with a straightforward outreach strategy

  • You can make a few audience personas to target for connection requests on LinkedIn. 
  • Next, you can templatize your request for each audience persona. For instance, an ideal outreach message to the CEO of a company differs from someone in a managerial position. 

Derek Bruce, Operations Director at Skills Training Group, says, “Sending out 10-15 outreach messages per day helps you to connect with your prospects and gets them to see your content.” 

Complementing LinkedIn content with constant outreach is a vital strategy to meet your company’s business goals on this fantastic social media platform. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re a B2B marketer, you can’t miss LinkedIn as a content marketing platform. As the most extensive professional network, LinkedIn is your place to find new customers and convert them into loyal ones. 

Furthermore, you should keep yourself updated with the latest LinkedIn marketing trends. Lastly, you must be persistent about helping your LinkedIn audience with the best-quality B2B content for the best results. 

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