POWR Roundup: Updates, New Features, and Integrations to Help You Grow

Published: | By Stephanie Strong

POWR Got a Face Lift!

Brighter colors and running at full POWR, you may have noticed that our little r has grown up. We are committed to bringing versatile, seamless, and empowering tools to small businesses, and when we took a look at who we were, we felt it was time to update our look too! POWR’s suite of apps will continue to grow with you and provide industry-leading tools that you know and love.


POWR Website Apps


We’ve Launched an Innovative New App in Shopify!

Loot Box is a new POWR app that brings the fun of online gaming into the shopping experience on your site! It works by offering your visitors the chance to win a randomized high-value prize once they purchase and redeem the Loot Box with their order. More info here.

POWR loot Box

High-Level Benefits of Loot Box:

  • Incentivize purchases and increase cart value with a mystery item at checkout.
  • Select your Loot Box products from your Shopify products and set the probability for each product to win.
  • Display the regular retail price of the items in your Loot Box so that the perceived value gives customers the experience of winning more than they paid.
  • Optimize your inventory by adding items you need to sell or use less popular items to make more room for new collections.
  • Build relationships with suppliers by offering to use only their products in available Loot Boxes.

P.S. This is free forever if you install today!


Payments on Forms are More Seamless Than Ever

We’ve made some serious improvements to what your customers experience when making a payment through the POWR Form on your site.

  1. In-app Checkout Screen: Customers will stay on your site when they checkout, keeping them on your site when completing a payment. They will see a success screen after paying so that they know their purchase was successful and can continue to browse to their liking after.

  2. Improvements for Subscription Trials: We can now offer any price and length for a trial and then charge your subscription price. Giving you the options to have a shorter trial period than a monthly or yearly subscription.

  3. PayPal Smart Buttons for all One Time Purchases and Donations: All customers will see Smart Buttons for their PayPal checkout experience. This means US customers will have access to all PayPal options (including PayPal credit which still pays you immediately while giving your customer some flexibility) and other localized payment features for customers outside of the US. You can get more information on the specifics here.

Popup Now Syncs With Google Sheets and 1000s of Other Apps and Platforms Through Zapier

We’ve built some of our most popular Form features into POWR Popup! Save time by integrating your popup with Google Sheets to sync new contacts in real time, or use Zapier to connect to 1000s of other apps seamlessly, and in only a few minutes. Try these features on the Pro plan.

POWR Popup


POWR Up Your BigCommerce Site With Page Builder Widgets

POWR is the first developer to integrate with BigCommerce’s Page Builder interface. Now you can drag and drop Forms, Galleries, Maps, and Countdown Timers directly on your site without leaving the page editing experience. Just drag and drop the widget where you want it, customize it and hit that Publish button!

BigCommerce Page Builder


Social Feed is Now Integrated With ShareThis

Social Feed has gotten even more social with ShareThis integrations. If you use this popular web interface you can now use the tools you know and love with POWRful feeds to delight your visitors with.

ShareThis and POWR


POWR Form Builder, PayPal Button and Popup in Zoom

With ever more people using Zoom to stay better connected and operate their businesses online, we've teamed up with them to help you get more sign ups for your meetings and to get paid securely in an instant. Simply log in to your Zoom account, then install your chosen POWR integration from the Zoom App Marketplace.

Get more meeting sign ups with registration forms with automatic email responders for your website and get paid easily and securely with a payment button if you're charging for virtual events. However you're using Zoom to boost your business, there's something to make your life easier.

POWR Apps for Zoom


Once you install your POWR integrations from the Zoom Marketplace, each time you schedule a meeting in Zoom a new form, popup, or payment button will automatically be created in your POWR account. You can easily customize them in the POWR Editor and share them on your website, via email or on social media.

You'll save valuable time by avoiding the need to transfer information back and forth between your sign up form and Zoom and will have access to 1000s of other automation possibilities, like connecting to Google Sheets, creating Google Calendar events using Zapier, and accepting file uploads in one central location. 


Get Ready for the Most Prominent Online Holiday Season Ever!

We know what you’re thinking: It’s only October, we cannot be talking about the holidays already. However, we would be remiss to not share with you what shoppers have already shared. 66% have said they are going to shop small and 47% have said they plan to buy online or use curbside pickup services this year.

Biggest Holiday Shopping Season

Source: Think With Google

Be sure to catch the attention of your visitors and increase cart value using POWR’s Popup, Lootbox (for Shopify), Countdown Timer, and more as they shop your site.

POWR has something cooking for this season too! We’re currently working with other POWR Partners for deals we plan to give out before the biggest shopping season weekend is upon us. Be on the lookout for that in the next few weeks in your POWR Dashboard!




We are excited to finish this year strong together. We have all faced challenges and together we are here, moving forward and continuing to build. To us, you’re a hero.

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