Most Important eCommerce Mistakes to Avoid in 2020

Published: | By Salil Panikkaveetil


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With the widespread global advancement of advancing technology and the use of the internet, eCommerce has grown tremendously over the years and is expected to thrive even more in 2020. Today, every entrepreneur wants to transact online as it has become such a flexible way to market and sell products and services. However, this demands a lot of online marketing with the proper strategies to capture consumer’s attention and be able to thrive in the competitive market.

Some of the best eCommerce marketing strategies include:

  • Content marketing
  • Benchmarking marketing
  • Social media marketing such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube
  • Email marketing
  • Pay-per-Click marketing
  • Original content marketing

Once you apply the best eCommerce strategies, you will with no doubt see some great benefits such as

  • Capacity to reach worldwide consumers that use the internet.
  • Effective communication with the target market.
  • Ability to remarket your services and products to repetitive consumers.

Moreover, eCommerce marketing is very cost-effective and leads to more eCommerce sales from potential customers. You will not have to pay rent for a physical store where consumers can come in and go after purchasing. It will also save you from the cost of hiring many employees to stay in the store as they wait for consumers as well as inventory management and billing costs.

Nonetheless, though the whole eCommerce marketing is excellent, there are some mistakes that you, as an online seller or marketer, should avoid this 2020 for you to stay on top of your game.

1. Not defining your target audience.

Defining your target market is a crucial factor in eCommerce marketing. As a seller, it is essential to identify the type of consumers favorable for your products and services. You have to brand your well-developed products excellently and market them with adverts that suit your target market.


For instance, if your target market is mothers with small babies, use images with mothers trying out your products on babies. Once you fail to identify your target market accurately, you will always use the wrong message and images for the wrong target audience, thus leading to a lot of confusion and driving away potential consumers. Therefore, not defining your target audience is one eCommerce mistake that you should avoid this 2020.

2. Choosing the wrong platform

Choosing the wrong platform for marketing your online products is another eCommerce mistake that can lead your business into significant set-backs in 2020. You are likely to lose money, customers, and your time as well when you choose or invest in the wrong platform. Additionally, you will find yourself shifting from one platform to another, which is time-consuming. Always invest in a platform that accommodates all your essential operations.


Notably, you should be familiar with the guidelines of selecting the appropriate content management system that will facilitate your knowledge of how to choose the right platform that will rescue your company from drowning due to working with the wrong platform.

3. Poor navigation

Websites or marketing pages that are poor to navigate through waste a lot of time and energy for consumers. For this reason, they start looking out for competitors with similar products and services with easily accessible and smooth navigation pages.

This is a common eCommerce mistake and should be avoided by arranging your pages into product categories that can be seen and scrolled through with ease. Let your clients have the ability to click around your website with a straightforward buying purpose.


4. Poor quality and unclear product images

eCommerce consumers always buy what they can see online. The quality of your product images, therefore, plays a significant role in convincing a consumer to buy, as they reflect the real product that they would like to have. You will notice that consumers will keep away from websites with unclear and poor-quality images, which they will have a perception that the products are substandard and not worth investing in.

To maintain high quality and clear product images, hire a professional photographer for great 3D photographs of your products. Let the photograph capture all the essential details that would attract consumers' attention and evade the eCommerce mistake of poor quality and unclear product images.

This issue can be solved using the Photo Editor + Stock Images app by the team. This app helps you to Resize, reshape, and re-imagine your images with an image editor. The photo editor has gorgeous Instagram-style filters. You can also Protect your images with custom watermarks or disabled right-click. Image editor adds custom captions and animation controls.

5. Inaccurate or incomplete product descriptions

Imagine logging into an eCommerce website with beautiful products accompanied by inaccurate or incomplete descriptions? This will turn you off as a consumer as you would not understand what the product is all about and even how to use it. You will more likely look for a similar outcome with adequate and complete information from competitors.

Therefore, as an eCommerce marketer, ensure that your product descriptions speak for themselves appropriately, enabling consumers to relate well with the product in question. Focus on your product's subjective advantages, objective attributes, and identification. This way, you will not fall for the inaccurate or incomplete product description eCommerce mistake.

6. No personal info/about us page

Personal information about your eCommerce product page is essential. Apart from the products provided to consumers, provide delivery services, customer care support, and returns. Such additional services should be provided on your website page and always set it up where it is visible.

Failing to disclose your working hours/days, delivery time, and financing methods/payment methods are one of the biggest eCommerce mistakes since your clients will not have upfront information about how to transact or when and how to get the products they purchase. Do not shy away from including a return policy if you provide one or not.

This issue can be solved using the About Us Page | Team Profile app by POWR. This app is a simple way to show off your brand, increase conversions and customer trust with an about us and team profile section for your site.

7. The online store takes longer time to load

One of the common ecommerce mistakes is having an online store that takes a longer time to load. This is so disappointing, and if a consumer experiences such a hitch, they are likely to find a better option from elsewhere, leading to loss of business.

It is your duty as an eCommerce marketer to ensure that an IT expert entirely builds your website in such a way that it takes the shortest time possible to load with straight forward pages that can quickly be followed. Shopify solves these issues easily. Read more about selling on Shopify here.

8. The online store isn’t optimized for mobile users

Today 90% of people in the world own a smart mobile phone, and most of them are always busy on their phone screens every other minute and hour, either viewing a particular product and service while on the go. Additionally, more transactions are happening via mobile thanks to the significant growth of technology and widespread usage of the internet globally.

Therefore, it is a big eCommerce mistake if your online store isn't optimized for mobile users. You're likely to have meager conversion rates if your target market isn't mobile users, or your customers cannot access your website on their phones, while a competitor's site is very much optimized for them.


9. Poor product catalog pages

Poor product catalog pages are among eCommerce mistakes that most online businesses face. That is failing to post a complete series of goods and services offered.

This way, consumers lack the knowledge of which products are in the store due to poor product images, un-shown product prices, product specifications, and weak or wrong descriptions. The result eventually becomes a significant abandonment of cart filling by consumers as they seek other alternatives with better product catalog pages.

10. Too many annoying offers

Online consumers get easily annoyed by too many offers sent to them via email or which appear to them on their social media pages each time they log in. They have to spend too much time deleting their inboxes and barely take time to even go through most of the offers no matter how catchy they are.

This is an eCommerce mistake that affects most online businesses as consumers are likely to unsubscribe from their pages to stop such offers from crowding their pages and inboxes.

special offer-1

11. Page not found - broken links!

Place yourself in the shoe of a consumer following a link online that is broken and showing a page not found every-time you click on it. Well, this must be very heartbreaking no matter how good the products from the site may seem since you cannot get more information nor see the product well with broken links. This is an eCommerce mistake that is often experienced by most online businesses and leads to a loss of clients. Thus it should be fixed as quickly as possible.


12. Difficult checkout process

The checkpoint is an essential aspect for an eCommerce business as well as to consumers since they don't feel compelled to create an account or buy a product that they may not like. A good eCommerce marketer should ensure that their website has several visible checkout processes because complicated checkouts always lead to low conversion rates.

13. Ignoring the importance of email marketing

Half the people in the world use email to send or receive messages, thus making it a sturdy and lively way to market products and services. Email marketing is very economical and cost-effective, thus making it a useful eCommerce tool.

Ignoring the importance of email marketing in 2020 is a big eCommerce mistake as you are likely to lose that personal touch with your clients, in that they will be unable to communicate their interests towards your products and services.

importance of email marketing

14. Forgetting the power of social media

Social media is a powerful tool that carries massive traffic across the world. There are thousands of people who log into Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to view products and services offered online. Additionally, there are many sellers in this platform, each scrambling to get the attention of online consumers using images and proper descriptions of their products and services.

Social media marketing is cheap, convenient, and free to use for eCommerce marketing. Therefore, forgetting the power of social media in 2020 will be an excellent eCommerce mistake that will lead to a significant loss of business, as that is where big sales go down.

power of social media

15. Hiding return and exchange policies

Consumers will always buy from eCommerce sellers that offer them an option of product return and exchange policies. That is an opportunity to return a product to you as an eCommerce seller if it is faulty or doesn't work efficiently as per the consumers' expectations.

It will be a great eCommerce mistake if you hide return and exchange policies from your eCommerce website since consumers would not have an opportunity to exchange goods once bought nor return them to you.

16. Using only one shipping method

Using one shipping method to deliver products to consumers is an eCommerce mistake that you should avoid this 2020. This is because there are many shipping methods available and quicker and more effective. For instance, you can use air if your client is far from your country or via road transport if your consumers are within your business locality.

One shipping method

17. Lack of social proof

Lack of social proof is an eCommerce mistake that you should avoid this 2020. Ensure that your social media marketing page has space for product reviews, referrals, and customer testimonials. This way, new consumers can always look at these pages to rate your products and services.

This issue can be solved using the Visitor Counter | Social Proof app by POWR. This app helps you to show off your site traffic using a Hit Counter for social proof that will help increase conversions! Use it for analytics to keep track of your store visits.

18. Surprise fees

Surprise fees are a terrible eCommerce mistake that you should avoid this 2020. Be it on shipping fees, convenience fees, or tax, and it is always a complete turn-off to consumers. Buyers will still run away from eCommerce sellers who put surprise fees on their products and services.

If you plan to add some fees on a product apart from its actual cost, it is wise to inform the consumer before they purchase from you. This way, you will erase a lot of confusion and a lack of mistrust from potential buyers.


Just like any other commerce mistake, eCommerce mistakes will reduce your online store sales instead of driving sales, and it is better to get familiar with all the possible errors and keep them at bay for the proper growth of your online business.

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