How to Use Personalized Apparels to Promote Your Business

Published: | By Henny Kel

Today, businesses are no longer dependent on conventional marketing materials only for brand promotions. Instead, they have moved towards custom products such as personalized apparel, coffee mugs, and many other custom products. 

Custom clothing such as custom T-shirts are wardrobe essentials and have become an ideal marketing tool for businesses of all types and sizes. Thanks to the versatility that personalized apparels carry.  

Getting your message across using custom shirts is an effective way. It is also economical as it does not involve a lot of money like other branding materials.

According to a report by Statista, the global T-shirt printing market value is expected to touch the $3.1 billion mark by 2025. No matter what business your company is into, you have to get the words out about it. And, a custom shirt does that work perfectly. 

If you have been considering having personalized apparel to help promote your business, this is the right time to do so. Here, we will discuss five ways that help you garner attention and build your brand identity. 

Let's take a look at how custom t-shirts can be useful for promoting your business:

Works as a walking advertisement 


Custom t-shirts work as a walking advertisement to offer your brand greater visibility. It is the most effective way to get the words out about your company. When your people or someone else wears a custom shirt with your company name and goes out, they advertise your business.

The wearer works as a walking advertisement getting the words out about your brand. Then, all you need to do is get the company logo printed on the shirt. Then, choose colors relevant to your brand for a professional impact. 

Remember, word-of-mouth is the most powerful and persuasive way of advertisement. People trust those brands that their friends or family recommend. Your loyal customers would not mind wearing your custom shirts. You can distribute among them for the instant advertisement of your business. 

Continued Advertisement

T-shirts are the most casual staple, are worn by people of all ages and almost anywhere. From fitness centers to movie theaters, date nights, grocery stores, and more places where you can wear a casual dress.

That's why they are not only practical but a must-have for anyone's wardrobe. In addition, you can get your design printed on the back of the shirts that your customers can show off across the town. 

Plus, a well-designed T-shirt will be worn over & over again, creating a cohesive visual connection to your business. 

Stirs Curiosity


In a world where people are obsessed with traditional and social media advertising, custom shirts are a surefire way to stir curiosity. 

Unlike signage or billboards that people hardly pay attention to, t-shirts draw attention immediately. People even like to see what their family and friends are wearing, and they also notice the design/slogan or tagline written on their shirts.

A unique t-shirt design can be a conversation starter. It may make people ask questions to find out more about it. 

Offer giveaway

Everyone loves freebies. Free stuff grabs people's attention more than anything else. You may want to be showered with freebies also. You can exploit this human tendency by giving freebies.

Choose your product/services launching as a great excuse to offer free custom shirts. You can do the same for other events as well. A giveaway will increase people's curiosity about your brand and they feel more connected with your brand.

You can also run giveaways on social platforms along with contests to keep them engaged. People always like to get something from the brands they choose. And, this small freebie will go a long way in fostering a relationship. 

Include local markets

A local involvement can prove to be a small step towards your big goal. 

This effort can result in brand recognition across a vast audience. But how can you make it possible? 

Big question. Well, apart from events, there are many activities through which you can engage the local audience with your brand. You can go to a local sports team to get your brand message out. Players in your region may have thoughtfully designed personalized apparel to increase awareness of your brand in the given region. 

Look for a marathon or sports activities and offer custom t-shirts to every participant. They will wear them even after the events while roaming around working as moving hoardings for your brand. 

Your target audience will get information about your business and they will get in touch with you. This way, a custom t-shirt can work as an effective marketing tool without breaking your bank.   

Unify look and consistent branding 


When it comes to creating a unified professional look, custom-shirts come as a handy tool. You can get your staff or employees to wear branded t-shirts to create a consistent look. It will help your business gain recognition. 

You can spice up the look by adding a special message and design, Considering the holidays or special events. 

Consider these tips for a great design —

  • Make sure the branding elements you're adding to your t-shirt are visually striking, and your custom logo design will play a crucial role. Sometimes, things that look great on paper/desktop may not look good on a shirt. 
  • Make sure the size of the company logo is big enough and is visible from a distance. But, on the other hand, don't make it too large or small. 
  • The fabric you use should be high quality as people will wear it. Low-quality fabric will eventually hurt your branding objectives.
  • Avoid using funny or inappropriate graphics that could hinder your branding efforts. i.e. Using unprofessional political slogans or visuals in your promotional content is not a good idea, that will affect your customers.


Now, you know why t-shirts are popular these days and how they take your brand promotion to the next level. If you haven't incorporated custom shirts into your promotional ideas yet, now is the time to do so!

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