How to Increase Cart Value with POWR’s Latest Shopify App: Loot Box

Published: | By Emilie Murphy

I don’t know about you, but I’m not much of a gambler. As someone who’s always been careful with my money, I once earned the nickname ‘Frugal Em’ from one of my friends (surely I’m not alone here?!). But when it comes to getting free (or perceived to be free) things, my brain does some kind of happy dance and makes me accept ALL the free things, whether I need them or not. Studies have shown that as humans we’re particularly bad at resisting the lure of a giveaway.

Why? Simply put, when we score a deal we experience a positive charge or a sense of joy, that makes us feel good and we want to feel this over and over again. This is especially true when it’s unexpected. And why does this matter? I’m glad you asked!

If you’re in eCommerce and run an online store, you’ll know that closing sales and increasing your average order value is essential when it comes to growing your business. There are various ways you can do this, whether it’s with an enticing discount on a second item, free shipping over a certain amount spent, or showing related items or items that others bought.

Or, you could make it fun and use the lure of an unexpected prize by gamifying the checkout process and making your customers feel like they’ve won big. It makes them feel great and gives them a positive experience with your brand. That’s why we’re delighted to announce the release of our exciting new app in Shopify that will help you do just that: Loot Box.

Never heard of a loot box? They’re super common in the gaming industry. Think of it as a virtual treasure chest that you can redeem to unlock treasure, but you don’t know what you’ll win until you open it.

examples of loot boxes created on POWR


POWR's Loot Box is an effective way of increasing cart or order value on your Shopify store. Similar to virtual loot boxes in video games, it works by offering your visitors the chance to win a randomized high-value prize once they purchase and redeem the Loot Box with their order.

Still not sure? Let me elaborate!

It’s an interactive gaming-like experience that adds fun to the online shopping experience for your customers. What’s more, it’s never been seen before in eCommerce, giving you a leg up on your competition. That's more important than ever in what promises to be the biggest Black Friday and Cyber Monday ever this year.

Loot Box helps you to incentivize purchases and increase cart value by giving visitors the chance to win big by adding a Loot Box full of goodies to their cart. You select the products you'd like to offer in your Loot Box from your Shopify products and decide on the probability for each product to win. When they complete checkout, they’ll randomly win one of the items that was listed.

screenshot of online shopping cart


You can strategically add items you need to sell to clear your inventory to make room for new collections or build relationships with new suppliers by offering to use their products in your Loot Boxes.

The best part? You can display the regular retail price of the items in your Loot Box so that your customers feel like they’re scoring an even sweeter deal when they win it for a fraction of its regular retail price. It makes them happy and keeps them loyal.

Loot Box-3-min


The experience that your customers have with your brand is as important as the product itself. It’s these fun, positive experiences that boost customer loyalty and keep them coming back to you time and time again.

Be sure to catch the attention of your visitors and increase cart value using the POWR Popup, Lootbox (for Shopify), Countdown Timer, and more as they shop your site.

Are you ready to lead the charge in the eCommerce space with never-seen-before-loot boxes? Stay a step ahead of your competition this holiday season, optimize your inventory, and increase cart value all while driving a positive customer experience.

Try Loot Box FREE on Shopify today (that’s right, free forever if you try it today 💙).

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