How To Get More Contacts For Your Business In 2021

Published: | By Emilie Murphy

The number of people visiting your website is an important number to track for any business. Don’t you just love the excitement of seeing those numbers go up? The thing is, until those visitors take action they don’t really have much value because you can’t qualify them. That, my friends, is why there’s so much talk of conversion rate.

Let’s keep it simple, your website conversion rate is the number of people who take a desired action divided by the total number who visit your page. In this case, you want to convert more of these visitors into leads for your business. Simple, right?

It can be! Your first step? Make sure you’re collecting information from your website visitors so that you can follow up with them and turn that visitor into an exciting prospect!

Let me show you how.

Did someone say money?

1. Add a Contact Form to Your Website

If you’re not collecting information from your site visitors, you’re missing an opportunity to convert those visitors into customers. Trust me, if we could make an app to read your visitors’ minds we would. Until then, POWR Form Builder is the easiest way for you to collect email addresses, feedback, and pretty much anything else you can imagine from your site visitors. Get it set up in less than 5 minutes and move on to step 2!


2. Keep it Simple, Keep it Speedy

Keep your form to-the-point. As one A/B test by Marketing Sherpa found, adding just one extra field decreased conversion rates by 11%. Convert that into revenue, and it’s pretty important! If your visitor has to scroll through your form to fill in all the fields, it’s too long. Keep to 3-4 elements: name, email, message.

Of course, this depends on the type of form, so if you do need to collect more information, split your form into pages so it’s easier to complete.


3. Location, Location, Location!

Don’t hide your form away at the bottom of your page. While playing Sherlock Holmes was fun as a kid, chances are your visitors don’t want to do it on your website. Add your form to your page as a floating button or tab. They can’t ignore it and it’ll follow them as they scroll. Once they click, your form will pop up and hey presto, you’ve scored another lead!

4. Use a Strong Call to Action (CTA)

It’s one thing making sure your visitors find your form, but getting them to hand over their information is another challenge. Here’s where your button (or ‘call to action’) really matters. Choosing the right words can increase conversions by +28%. Specifics such as “Click now for your free download” outperform generalities such as “Submit” or “Download”. It seems so simple, but can make such a big difference. Consider giving them a special offer or incentive in exchange for their information.


5. Make it Easy to Understand

This should be a no-brainer, and is definitely not specific to your forms. Your copy should align with your audience. Do you have visitors around the world? If yes, consider that not all of them will be native English speakers. The words you choose should be simple, unambiguous and easy-to-follow. Tools such as Readability Score can help make sure you’re hitting the mark.

6. Don’t Distract Your Visitors

Have you ever walked down the cereal aisle in a supermarket, gotten overwhelmed, then left empty-handed? I mean, they ALL look so good! Then you’ve experienced the Paradox of Choice. It can happen on your website too, so it’s important to guide visitors to make the decision you want. How? By minimizing distracting elements that compete with your main conversion form. Negative or white space is a great tool (commonly used by Google) to increase readability and help your visitors quickly find your main button or form and convert into a lead.

7. Can You Prove It?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t buy anything on Amazon before scrolling down to the reviews. It’s no surprise that product reviews are trusted a huge 12x more than product descriptions. Basically, your word alone is not enough. Your visitors want real evidence of everything you’re claiming. Back up it up with numbers. This could be the number of people who’ve already subscribed, the number of customers who’ve bought a product, reviews from customers, or video testimonials. Display those numbers or reviews by your form and watch those leads come flying in!

8. Not Sure? Test, Test, Test!

The truth is, nobody has all the answers. What works for one site doesn’t necessarily work on another. You need to constantly test to see what will get you the most leads through your form. Here’s a quick checklist of things to test:

  • Number of form fields
  • Form location
  • Button text
  • Button color
  • Background color
  • Offering a reward/deal for completing the form

The best part is you can do all of this with no code, and with no engineering or development team. There’s no excuse! Get started today with POWR Form Builder and start collecting more leads for your business to smash your 2020 goals.



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