Enormous Growth in 2020, A Year in Review

Published: | By Stephanie Strong

Hello POWR Heroes!

We Saw Enormous Growth in 2020!

2020 was a year to be reckoned with, and we saw you take the bull by the horns, pivot strategies, shift business and grow! In a year that was so difficult, we wanted to celebrate how much you’ve been able to create while overcoming unprecedented challenges this year.

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Website Apps from POWR

In case you missed them, here are  our top highlights from 2020!

POWR Got a Face Lift!

Brighter colors and running at full POWR, the little r grew up.

POWR’s New Dashboard

From sorting through all your POWR apps categorically to finding new apps to improve your site and customer experience, the new POWR dashboard is even more organized than before. You can see your recent apps at the top and at the bottom you'll see our most recent blog posts to stay updated with POWR news. Discover other apps to get more followers, collect information, boost engagement, and so much more.

Check Out The Dashboard

Make Money Using the POWR Referral Program!

The POWR Referral Program is for POWR users, affiliates, content creators, marketing professionals, agencies, and more. If you're as captivated with eCommerce as we are and want to share POWR with your audience (and get paid for it) this is for you!

Newsletter Q4 2020 - Year in Review-Jan-06-2021-03-43-34-35-PM

Earn a 30% commission for every paid POWR user you refer, for as long as the user is a paying customer!

Start Earning

Smart Share Your Latest Products and Blog Posts

Share your apps to your social media platforms and you'll see a newer, cleaner preview. Share your forms, photo galleries, countdowns and more on all your social media accounts. The new and improved preview makes your apps look even cleaner and more professional.

Screen Shot 2020-07-20 at 10.15.49 AM

Easy Interface to Add Pages to Your Form

We’ve made it easier than ever before to add multiple pages to your forms! Did you know that multi-page forms can increase conversions by 300%? To use this feature on your form simply select +Add Page. You can drag input fields to other pages and more easily preview and edit the content on each page of your form. Note: This is an advanced feature available on the Starter, Pro, and Business plans.

In case you missed it - Get 3x More Sales by Giving Your Customers More Ways to Pay - Now available on the POWR free plan!

Research shows by simply adding more ways for customers to pay, you can triple your sales. You can now accept all forms of payment with PayPal, Stripe (for credit card payments), and offline payments like cash or check. To add more payment options to your form go to Payment > Connect Payment Accounts. From there you can select the types of payments you want to collect and they will be added as options to the checkout.

Increase Conversions by Creating Discount Codes for Free

We’ve increased the limits for discount codes on all plans for Form Builder! 60% of consumers love to receive digital coupons, and 50% of consumers are more likely to visit a store if they have received a coupon. Furthermore, 28% of shoppers are likely to spend more money if a retailer offers a percent off their total. Now you can create discount codes and give your customers a coupon to use at checkout.  In the POWR Editor go to Payment > Discount Codes and create your discount codes. Note: This starts at 2 codes for the free plan and goes up from there!

Payments on Forms are More Seamless Than Ever

We’ve made some serious improvements to what your customers experience when making a payment through the POWR Form on your site.

  1. In-app Checkout Screen: Customers will stay on your site when they checkout, keeping them on your site when completing a payment. They will see a success screen after paying so that they know their purchase was successful and can continue to browse to their liking after.

  2. Improvements for Subscription Trials: We can now offer any price and length for a trial and then charge your subscription price. Giving you the options to have a shorter trial period than a monthly or yearly subscription.

  3. PayPal Smart Buttons for all One Time Purchases and Donations: All customers will see Smart Buttons for their PayPal checkout experience. This means US customers will have access to all PayPal options (including PayPal credit which still pays you immediately while giving your customer some flexibility) and other localized payment features for customers outside of the US. You can get more information on the specifics here.

Get More Payments

PayPal Button has been updated and improved! It's been modernized to offer a smoother visual experience for both you and your customers. Go to the Design tab and check out the updates under the Button Design Menu. Take advantage of the many customizable options to receive payments, offer subscription services, and even accept donations. All you have to do is connect your PayPal account.

You can also help avoid customer frustration and increase conversions with a sticky payment button or tab that follows your visitor as they scroll. Go to the Design tab and find this feature under the Button Design menu. Select Floating Button or Tab to turn this feature on and watch those purchases fly in!

q2 newsletter-Jul-14-2020-04-40-28-47-PMq2 newsletter

Popup Now Syncs With Google Sheets and 1000s of Other Apps Through Zapier

We’ve built some of our most popular Form Builder features into POWR Popup! Save time by integrating your popup with Google Sheets to sync new contacts in real time, or use Zapier to connect to 1000s of other apps seamlessly, and in only a few minutes. Try these features on the Pro plan.

POWR to the Popup with Unlimited Elements

You can now add as many elements as you like on all POWR Popup plans. Limitless creativity now available to help you collect more leads and increase conversions!

Social Feed Gets More Social!

Increase visitor engagement on your site with these updates to POWR Social Feed’s design settings.

  • Increase visibility and grow your social media following by adding a title to your social feed. You can find this setting under the Content tab in your POWR Editor.

  • Add a lightbox effect that displays your post text when your visitors hover over images. You can show captions on hover by going to Design > Hover Display, and you can also show Likes and Comments. Note: This is an advanced feature available on the Starter, Pro, and Business plans.

  • A new ‘Slider’ layout is now available for Social Feed. This feature is perfect for showing your feed on your site while using less space for the display. You can find this layout under Design > Layout & Size.

A New and Polished Multi Slider

  1. Start with pre-designed templates. We’ve added a Template tab to the POWR Editor, so you can easily get started with a Slider, Hero, Carousel, Logo, Testimonial or Video slider template.. Pro Tip: In your POWR My Plugins view you can duplicate your plugin to make use of different kinds of media, without starting from scratch! If you missed this head on over to the updates here to learn how.

  2. Add social proof and use POWR Multi Slider to display testimonials on your site. Select the Testimonial template to start and add your own customer testimonials and images in the Content tab. You can change the photo, quote, reviewer details and more!

  3. Do you have multiple images you want to display at once in one slide? You can easily show multiple images side by side using the Carousel template. You can also find this in the Design tab and you’ll find this option under the Layout menu. Note: The number of images you can display starts at 3 and increases with different plan levels.Newsletter Q4 2020 - Year in Review-Jan-05-2021-09-03-33-72-PM

  4. You now have more options for the scroll arrows to make your sliding galleries look extra professional. Change colors and other options to make your slide perfectly branded on your website.

FA5 Icons


Mystery Gift Box App for Shopify

Mystery Gift Box is a new POWR app that brings the fun of online gaming into the shopping experience on your site! It works by offering your visitors the chance to win a randomized high-value prize once they purchase and redeem the Mystery Gift Box with their order. More info here.

Benefits of Mystery Gift Box:

  • Incentivize purchases and increase cart value with a mystery item at checkout.
  • Select your Mystery Box products from your Shopify products and set the probability for each product to win.
  • Display the regular retail price of the items in your Mystery Box so that the perceived value gives customers the experience of winning more than they paid.
  • Optimize your inventory by adding items you need to sell or use less popular items to make more room for new collections.
  • Build relationships with suppliers by offering to use only their products in available Mystery Boxes.

New Apps in BigCommerce

As you prepare your store for the new year, we want to let you know about 2 new POWR apps that are now available in BigCommerce designed to make it easier for you to display that all important social proof that converts visitors into sales. Available now for free!

Testimonial Slider

Testimonial Slider

Increase engagement, conversions and brand loyalty by showcasing your product reviews, testimonials, and the brands using your products in a slider on your storefront. Control the slide speed, transitions, and fully customize the look of your testimonials.

Get Testimonial Slider

PDF & File Embed

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Embed almost any file into your BigCommerce site. Supports PDFs, documents, text files, powerpoints, GIFs and more. Code-free editing lets you adjust and customize the way your file appears in seconds. Perfect for embedding brochures, white papers or catalogues directly on your page so visitors don’t have to navigate away from your sales page.

Get PDF & File Embed

POWR Up Your BigCommerce Site With Page Builder Widgets

POWR is the first developer to integrate with BigCommerce’s Page Builder interface. Now you can drag and drop Forms, Galleries, Maps, and Countdown Timers directly on your site without leaving the page editing experience. Just drag and drop the widget where you want it, customize it and hit that Publish button!Newsletter Q4 2020 - Year in Review-2


New Apps in WooCommerce

Here are 3 new extensions from POWR that are now available in WooCommerce to make it easier for you to collect contacts that you can convert into sales as you prepare for the new year.

Contact and Quote Form

Contact Form

Create custom contact forms so your customers can get in touch. Use file uploads to collect rich information from prospective customers in simple-to-use forms that can be set up with no code. Integrations with Mailchimp, Google Sheets, and Zapier save time and improve workflow management.

Get Contact and Quote Form


Wholesale and Order Form

Wholesale Form

Grow your wholesale network and collect orders from customers in simple-to-use forms. Collect payments via PayPal or Stripe and create your own autoresponder emails that send automatically once a customer completes your form.


Get Wholesale and Order Form


Spin to Win

Spin to Win

Grow your email list, collect leads, reduce their website bounce rates, and decrease cart abandonment with a personalized spin wheel game that comes with custom triggers. Send autoresponder emails and integrate with Mailchimp or Zapier to automate your workflows.

Get Spin to Win


Social Feed is Now Integrated With ShareThis

Social Feed has gotten even more social with ShareThis integrations. If you use this popular web interface you can now use the tools you know and love with POWRful feeds to delight your visitors with.

POWR Form Builder, PayPal Button and Popup in Zoom

With ever more people using Zoom to stay better connected and operate their businesses online, we've teamed up with them to help you get more sign ups for your meetings and to get paid securely in an instant. Simply log in to your Zoom account, then install your chosen POWR integration from the Zoom App Marketplace.

Get more meeting sign ups with registration forms with automatic email responders for your website and get paid easily and securely with a payment button if you're charging for virtual events. However you're using Zoom to boost your business, there's something to make your life easier.

Newsletter Q4 2020 - Year in Review-Jan-05-2021-09-03-37-06-PM


You'll save valuable time by avoiding the need to transfer information back and forth between your sign up form and Zoom and will have access to 1000s of other automation possibilities, like connecting to Google Sheets, creating Google Calendar events using Zapier, and accepting file uploads in one central location.

Screen Shot 2021-01-06 at 9.52.23 AM

We look forward to continued growth in 2021! We have some exciting things to look out for that are launching shortly including beautifully redesigned Popup, integrated contacts interface, and the ability to edit apps on click!

We’ll be sure to email you as these go live! Live long and prosper in 2021!

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