2020 is Off to a Fantastic Start, EmPOWRing POWR Heroes Like You!

Published: | By Stephanie Strong

We’re 1 quarter of the way into the new decade and are already helping POWR Heroes like you increase conversion and make more sales with new features and updates to our POWR apps! If you’re wondering what our nerds have been up to, aside from our continued Mario Kart competitions and an office move, this post is the POWR up for you!


POWR Forms Are Getting Smarter and Easier to Use

    1. Easy Interface to Add Pages to Your Form
      We’ve made it easier than ever before to add multi-step pages to your forms! Did you know that multi-step forms can increase conversions by 300%? To use this feature on your form simply select +Add Page. You can drag input fields to other pages and more easily preview and edit the content on each page of your form. Note: This is an advanced feature available on the Starter, Pro, and Business plans.Customer form

    2. In case you missed it - Get 3x More Sales by Giving Your Customers More Ways to Pay - Now available on the POWR free plan!

      Research shows by simply adding more ways for customers to pay, you can triple your sales. You can now accept all forms of payment with PayPal, Stripe (for credit card payments), and offline payments like cash or check. To add more payment options to your form go to Payment > Connect Payment Accounts. From there you can select the types of payments you want to collect and they will be added as options to the checkout.
      Screen shot 2020-04-01 at 03.40 PM-1

    3. Phone Fields in POWR forms get validation.
      You now get more control when collecting phone numbers on your site! You can enable international phone numbers on your form and depending on the country selected the phone field will now automatically validate the format entered. 

      My customer form 1

    4. We’ve increased the limits for discount codes on all plans!
      60% of consumers love to receive digital coupons, and 50% of consumers are more likely to visit a store if they have received a coupon. Furthermore, 28% of shoppers are likely to spend more money if a retailer offers a percent off their total.
      Now you can create discount codes and give your customers a coupon to use at checkout. In the POWR Editor go to Payment > Discount Codes and create your discount codes. Note: This starts at 2 codes for the free plan and goes up from there!

discount settings


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Social Feed Gets More Social!

Increase visitor engagement on your site with these updates to POWR Social Feed’s design settings.

  1. Social Feed Titles Now Available
    Increase visibility and social media following by adding a title to your social feed! You can find this setting under the Content tab in your POWR Editor.

    Instagram feed-1-1

  2. Hover Effects
    Add a lightbox effect that displays your post text when your visitors hover over images. You can show captions on hover by going to Design > Hover Display, and you can also show Likes and Comments! Note: This is an advanced feature available on the Starter, Pro, and Business plans.

    Instagram Feed Design Tab-1-1

  3. New Layouts Available For Your Feed
    A new ‘Slider’ layout is now available for Social Feed. This feature is perfect for showing your feed on your site while using less space for the display. You can find this layout under Design > Layout & Size.

    Instagram Feed Design Tab (1)-1-1


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Make POWR Multi Slider Your Own With These Additional Features!

POWR Multi Slider is a great way to showcase your products in a visual display on your site. We’ve added a few features to make this tool easier to use and more customizable than before.

      1. Start With Pre-designed Templates!
        We’ve added a Template tab to the POWR Editor, so you can easily get started with a Slider, Hero, Carousel, Logo, Testimonial or Video slider template. Pro Tip: In your POWR My Apps view you can duplicate your app to make use of different kinds of media, without starting from scratch! If you missed this head on over to the updates here to learn how.

        Multi Slider Template Tab-1-1

      2. Prominently Display Reviews and Testimonials
        Add social proof and use POWR Multi Slider to display testimonials on your site. Select the Testimonial template to start and add your own customer
        testimonials and images in the Content tab. You can change the photo, quote, reviewer details and more!

        Multi Slider Content Tab2-1-1

      3. Multiple Images Displayed at Once
        Have multiple images you want to display at once in one slide? You can easily show multiple images side by side using the Carousel template. You can also find this in the Design tab and you’ll find this option under the Layout menu. N
        ote: The number of images you can display starts at 3 and increases with different plan levels.
        Newsletter Q4 2020 - Year in Review-Jan-05-2021-09-03-33-72-PM-1-1

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Make PayPal Button Stick!

Avoid customer frustration and increase conversions with a sticky payment button or tab that follows your visitor as they scroll. Go to the Design tab and find this feature under the Button Design menu. Select Floating Button or Tab to turn this feature on!

PayPal button settings


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We’re committed to bringing you more POWR and to give you everything you need to make more sales and increase engagement with your customers.As always, our support team is here to help if you have any questions. Simply start the conversation here and we will email you back shortly!

-The POWR Rangers

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