2019 - A Year of Explosive Growth

Published: | By Stephanie Strong

As we head into a new decade, we wanted to take a second to remember everything that was launched and accomplished in 2019 at POWR. While this list is by no means an all-inclusive list of every feature and app update, it is representative of the huge strides we have made in the last year to make sure you and your website visitors have amazing online experiences.

After much deliberation from our press room, we’ve landed on 28 total updates. Hold on, we’re going to fly through 2019 together.

General Updates:

#1 POWR Company Growth

POWR nearly doubled in size company-wide from the beginning of the year to now! We also have Rangers in 5 countries, covering POWR Heroes like you globally. More POWR Rangers means you get more from POWR overall. From development to support, every area of the company experienced growth this year and this trend is not slowing down. You can be sure that growth will continue well into the new decade.

Power rangers POWR gif

#2 POWR Partner Program

We’ve launched a Partner Program to help you find the right partner to grow your business! Our Partner Program is not even a month old yet and we’ve already found some great partners to help eCommerce businesses grow. Check out our partner page at: https://powr.partnerpage.io/. Interested in applying to become a POWR Partner? Apply here.


#3 Copy Your Apps

Okay, it’s not exactly CTRL C and CTRL V, but it is an easy way to duplicate apps directly from your My Plugins dashboard! Just log in to your account, click the three dots on the top right of the app you wish to copy and then select “Duplicate Plugin”.


POWR plugins gif


Form Builder Updates

#4 Form Response Dashboard Overhaul

We made quite a few updates to the Form Response Dashboard. Here are the big changes:

  • Toggle Columns: Have you updated your form and need to view answers from old questions that are no longer on the current version of your form? Now you can view the answers from that field using a toggled view in your response dashboard. It even works for deleted columns,
  • Show or hide form labels in your Response Dashboard.


POWR custom form


#5 New Interface for Date/Time Picker on Forms

Gone are the days of scrolling through years and dates on your form. Now respondents will be able to manually type in the year and time directly. Also with our new update — if you change the date format in your form’s settings, the dates displayed in the Response Dashboard will update to match your selected formatting.

#6 Limit Form Submissions by Date or by Number of Submissions

Do you need to limit the number of times a form can be filled out, or need to disable it after a certain date? You can now do so in the Settings tab! 

POWR limit submissions gif


POWR design settings


#7 Use Form Themes

Now you can add quick and easy design styles to your forms by selecting a theme in the Design tab. This will automatically update fonts, backgrounds, button colors, and more.


#8 Create Conditional Autoresponders

Need to send different emails to form respondents depending on their answer? Now you can easily do this by creating conditional autoresponders. Turn this option on by going to Settings > Autoresponder and selecting “Specific Form Respondents”. This is available on the Pro plan.

POWR mobile autoresponder gif



#9 Add a Rating Element to Your Form

Give your visitors a way to rate your products and services by adding a rating element on your form.

POWR form demo mode gif


#10 Use an Emoji Element

Let your visitors give fun feedback by answering with an emoji. This is a great way to add emotion to feedback and responses.

POWR form builder editor


#11 Enhanced Mailchimp Integration

Save time by connecting your form to your Mailchimp account and automatically add new contacts that fill out your form to your Mailchimp lists.

#12 Easily Navigate Between Your Response Dashboard and Form Editor

You can navigate over to your Form Response Dashboard directly from the new ‘Responses’ button in the top bar of the POWR Editor. In the Form Response Dashboard, you’ll also now be able to navigate easily back to the POWR Editor Editor by clicking the ‘Editor’ button in the top bar.

POWR Contact Form Editor


#13 Add Your Form to a Popup

Bring attention to your form by making it popup on your site. Just select Design > Popup Positioning and specify your settings.

POWR popup settings


#14 Autoresponder Templates

Your autoresponder emails are now saved as templates, so you can use them when designing new emails. Great if you are setting conditional responders and you only need to change some of the text in the email without designing from scratch!

#15 New ‘Submission Received’ Page

Instead of a small notification on the bottom of your form, visitors are now directed to a ‘Submission Received’ page after they hit your “Submit” button. Change the image and message to customize this page for your site. Find this under Settings > After Submission Options.

POWR new submission received page


#16 Demo Advanced Features

Not certain if you want to use advanced features in your form? Now you can try them before you buy them. Demo all upgrade features in the POWR Editor before you publish to your site. NOTE: If you decide not to upgrade, you will have to remove these features before you can publish your form.



Popup Updates

#17 Spin to Win

Add gamification to your site by using the Spin to Win template on your POWR Popup. You can collect emails, assign discounts, and add a fun way to engage your visitors on your site!

POWR spin to win-1 gif


#18 New Layout Options for Popup

Now you can position your popup input fields next to an image, not just as a background, if you’re on the Starter plan. You can find these options under Content > Layout > Layout Options

POWR layout settings


#19 Email Autoresponders

Collecting a subscriber list from Popup? Now you can automatically respond to your subscribers by setting up an autoresponder email. Find this option under Controls > Autoresponder Emails.


POWR autoresponder gif

#20 Mailchimp Integration

Save time by integrating Mailchimp to your popup. You can automatically sync new contacts to lists inside of your Mailchimp account.

Slider Updates

#21 Add Testimonials to Your Slider

Create social proof by adding testimonials into your slider. You can add captions, add star ratings, control image placement, and more!

POWR testimonials


#22 Carousel Layout

We’ve introduced a new Template tab with 7 new templates in Slider plugins and a Layout drill down with a new option that displays multiple slides at once.


POWR image slider

#23 New Media Partnerships

Easily crop, edit, add filters, and more to your photos directly in the media manager with any of these photo editing tools.


POWR microblog


#24 Easier Media Management for Shopify

Now instead of having to upload pictures you’ve already added to your Shopify store to your POWR apps, you can access them directly within the POWR Media Manager. This works for Form Builder, Popup, Image Slider+ Carousel, Photo Gallery + Lookbook and all other POWR apps on your store!


Social Feed Updates

#25 Gallery and Slider Layout

You now have more options in Social Feed. Use a slider layout to view social media posts in a single row. You can set the total number of posts to show to give your visitors as much content as you wish.


POWR slider layout settings-1




#27 Gmail Integration

Embed POWR apps directly in your emails with the snazzy new Gmail integration for more engaging, stand-out content. Get started with a free POWR account and create your apps in the POWR Editor. Add them to any Gmail in two clicks! Learn more about this and add the POWR extension to your Gmail account here: https://gsuite.google.com/marketplace/app/powr_plugins_for_gmail/415275410773



#28 We launched in many marketplaces

This includes Beyond Shop, Odoo, OpenCart, CKEditor, Vendasta, Drupal, TinyMCE, Jimdo, and Prestashop. Together we are bringing easy, no code required website features to the world.


# 29 We’ve Migrated to Cloudflare CDN and Rails 5.2

Ok, we know that was a lot of technical speak. What this means for you is faster app load time and more security for your apps. We have overhauled all POWR apps and media managers for this so you do not have to worry if you are included, because you are!

too much information


Wow. It was an amazing year for POWR and you were a part of that. We’ve all made huge improvements this year and we want to thank you for being a part of our success. Let’s make this next decade rock way more than the last one. As always, we are here to help if you ever need it. Contact us here if you have any questions.

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